5 common Facebook boosting questions answered

It’s no secret that Facebook holds great opportunities to market your business’s products and services. However, only including organic Facebook posts on your page could lead your business to miss out on valuable advertising opportunities. In recent years, social media channels, Facebook in particular, have updated their algorithms so organic posts appear to users less often, meaning that it is becoming harder and harder for your posts to find your potential customers without you paying for it. Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to “boost” posts, meaning paying for that post to reach a larger audience. We’ve answered five common questions about Facebook boosting:

1.) What is it and how can I do it?

According to Facebook, boosted posts are “ads you create from posts on your Facebook page,” meaning that any post on your page can become a boosted post. Facebook posts can begin their social media journey as organic posts, but can be boosted to reach a larger audience and build awareness of your brand or services. Typically, the page manager chooses which post they want to boost, how much money they’d like to spend on the ad, which Facebook users they want to target to see the ad, and what the goal of the post is. All of these options are included in one window when the page manager clicks “Boost Post” on that individual post.

2.) When should it be used?

Facebook offers multiple advertising options, with boosting posts a good option for many companies. You can boost any post on your Facebook page, however it’s important to choose a post that aligns with your business’s marketing goals. You don’t want to boost every single post on your page. Additionally, because Facebook offers multiple targeting options, it’s important to ensure that the post you boost will have an outcome similar to the goals attached to it — these could be driving traffic to your website, increasing your impressions, or simply boosting post engagement.

3.) How can it help my business?

Boosted posts can expand your reach to a larger, broader, or more qualified audience. With many targeting options, boosted posts can help your business reach your marketing goals by reaching potential new followers or customers, build brand awareness, and increase the overall visibility of your page. Additionally, businesses can choose the goal outcome of their boosted post, meaning that they can choose to drive website traffic, encourage conversions, or increase visibility and engagement.

4.) How much should I spend and how long should the ad run?

The minimum amount you can spend on a boosted post is $5, and you can pay any greater amount you’d like. As with most advertisements, the amount of money you put into a boosted post plays a large role in how many people you’ll reach, and how many people will engage with your ad or click any links included with it. Whenever a post is boosted on Facebook, the post is also automatically shared to Instagram, widening your audience and reach. Similar to other advertising strategies, it’s important to assess your business’s budget and marketing goals before deciding on an amount to spend. Additionally, different posts may require a different amount of ad spend — if a certain post’s message is much more important to your business than another, it would be a good idea to spend more money boosting the important message than you would a more general post. You should also consider these same factors when determining how long your ad should run. While inputting your post’s budget, Facebook will also ask you how long you’d like the ad to be actively shown to your target audience. Your budget will be broken up throughout this time frame, so be sure to choose a budget and time frame that make sense for your business’s desired outcome.

5.) How should I choose who to target?

Arguably, the most important component of a boosted post is the target audience. If you’re showing your ad to an audience that does not care about your message, they will not engage with the post. Because of this, it’s important to choose your target audience with your marketing goals in mind and use this information to target your most likely customers. 

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