10 ways to boost your Facebook engagement

With more than 2.38 billion monthly users worldwide (over 6 times the U.S. population), Facebook remains the king of social media. Facebook offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses to interact with current and prospect customers on a fun, relaxed platform – while generating website traffic and serving as a virtual 24/7 customer service desk. Because of this engagement, many people turn to Facebook for product and service reviews and recommendations. 

Below are 10 tips we comply to:

  1. Brand your page. Your Facebook page should match your website and every other piece of marketing collateral your company produces. Spend some time customizing your page to match your brand. Format your logo to fit in the avatar box, select images and colors wisely, create a photo gallery, and offer as much information about your company as you can. Make it easy for your customers and prospects to find and recognize your brand on Facebook.
  2. Post often. In fact, if possible, share something new 1-2 times daily. Fans with many friends may miss your post in their feed if you do not update frequently. A regular posting pattern will promote engagement and anticipation for more news from your business.  Create an editorial calendar to map out a content schedule.
  3. Timing of posts. Posting when your fans are active will score you more likes and comments. By analyzing the popularity of previous posts and paying attention to when social media is most active, you can schedule your posts to maximize user engagement. Additionally, utilize online tools that specifically show when your followers are most active — giving you a good idea of when the best time to post is.
  4. Use images. Post pictures of your products, employees, community projects, or any other relevant images that will help your fans get to know your brand better and encourage them to do business with you. People are naturally drawn to images over text, so include attractive and relevant images to improve your engagement.
  5. Engage users with short videos. Images and videos get a lot more attention on Facebook than conventional status updates – and people love them. Record short videos about your products, customer reviews, fun interactions at the office, or any other engaging topic you can think of.
  6. Interact with your fans. Ask poll questions or promote contests to gather valuable information from your fan base. Respond to and ‘like’ comments that your fans post.  Listen to what they have to say, and take measures to improve your products and services to meet their needs or desires.
  7. Keep your posts short and sweet. Social media users are often scrolling and have short attention spans for content — keep your posts as brief as possible.  You don’t want readers to miss your call-to-action, so consider linking additional information in your post that interested fans can click for more context.
  8. Include calls-to-action. What should your fans do after reading your post? Encourage them to ‘like’ your page, click on a link, leave a comment, or even visit your website. 
  9. Monitor your page. Answer questions promptly, respond to feedback, and give feedback on comments. Set-up a Facebook Messenger Bot to handle a basic chat with your customers.  Consider having alerts sent to your phone and email every time someone leaves a message so you can promptly reply to it.
  10. Have fun! According to Sprout Social, only 20% of your content should be self-promotional. Engage your fans in creative, exciting ways. Social media marketing lets you reveal the human side of your brand. Don’t put yourself into a box when it comes to your content — curate it to engage your fans with funny content, infographics, or pop culture once in a while. 

Remember: Social media is about engagement, not direct sales. Carefully cultivating your Facebook fans helps foster their loyalty to your brand and increase your long-term ROI. 

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