3 ways to drive more phone calls to your business

For some industries, phone calls represent valuable conversions and interest in your business. If your business values phone calls as part of your marketing strategy, but you’re having trouble getting the phone to ring, there are a few strategies that may help you drive phone calls and gain more qualified leads — keep reading for 3 ways to get those phones ringing.

Google Ads

If your business is interested in implementing a digital marketing strategy, Google Ads offers many ad formats and tracking services aimed at driving phone calls to your business. Google ads can be displayed either on Google search results or on websites across the Web — all of which only charge the business when someone sees, clicks on, or interacts with their ad (based on the company’s chosen bidding strategy). Google click-to-call ads encourage phone calls to your business by allowing one tap on the phone icon on a mobile device to initiate a phone call directly to your business. Additionally, Google offers call-only ads, meaning that a click (or tap) on the ad will prompt a phone call only, and will not direct users to your landing page or mobile app. Typically, call-only ads are better suited for businesses who only want to drive calls to their business, not drive online traffic or online conversions. These types of ads offer the benefit of Google’s in-depth Call Details report, which tracks calls that were a direct result of these ad campaigns. The report contains information on how long the call lasted, whether the call was missed or received, and the area code of the caller’s phone number, among other metrics.

Social Media, Websites, and Other Ads

Even if your business isn’t using Google Ads, you probably still have a website, social media presence, or other marketing materials or advertisements actively being displayed to your audience. In other forms of advertising, it’s important to display your phone number visibly and prominently in a place that will catch your audience’s eye — don’t make it hard for your potential customers to talk to you. Instead, make the path to conversion as easy as possible. If you want to drive phone calls to your business, but your phone number isn’t visible or is hard to see in your ads, customers might miss it. In addition to ensuring that your phone number is easily visible, be sure that your calls-to-action (CTAs) also emphasize that you’d like visitors to call your company and provide a clear way to do so. If needed, briefly explain either in the call-to-action or elsewhere on the ad or landing page why it’s important for your customers to make the call, especially if this is not immediately obvious. Creating strong, motivating CTAs that include the value of placing the call will encourage customers to take that step.

Call Tracking

Have you been driving calls to your business, but you’re still not seeing the desired conversions associated with these phone calls? Call tracking may be able to combat this problem by creating a unique, trackable phone number for a specific ad, landing page, or website. Call tracking can be helpful when implementing print, radio, or TV ads as one of the only ways to determine if phone traffic, or even a conversion, was generated by these ads. This feature can help you figure out which source is driving the most calls, which can also help you determine which channels are working for you or even which ads and messages better resonate with your audience. Additionally, your business can implement the listening feature, which has the potential to improve the quality of phone calls by showing any gaps in your employees’ knowledge about the company’s products and services, or any need for improvement regarding customer service skills, both of which can help improve conversion rates. The listening feature can also help your company better understand your customer’s needs and wants. By understanding the nature of your customer’s call, your business can narrow down which pieces of information should be included on the website for a more user-friendly experience and which information holds more value in a phone call.

Driving calls to your business can greatly increase sales and conversions, however in a digital era it can be difficult to encourage customers to call. If you need assistance driving calls to your business, or need help generating more qualified phone calls to your company, contact Pulse Marketing Agency today for a free 30-minute consultation.